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"We were driving across Third Avenue yesterday and saw your Kestell Co Realtors sign. So many memories are triggered by that name. Over fifty years ago we were "just looking" at homes to buy the following year when we would be more financially able to follow our dream. Our first stop was a new development on North Adams where only half of the houses on that street were built and of the fourteen houses that were ready, only two remained unsold. We strolled through one of them; happy that it was dark brown and that would not be our favorite in colors and a good reason to ignore any foolish temptations. We me Monte Kestell and appreciated his patience in spending his time on us since we had explained that we would have to wait until next year. But, Oh, that lovely floor plan. Thankfully the kitchen was the wrong color in spite of the fact that its design was perfect. Three bedrooms gave room for expansion, well, probably and hopefully. Next year would be soon enough. Monte was so knowledgeable, we felt comfortable hearing all the things that we didn't know but could certainly use next year. By the time we got to the FULL basement we wanted this house NOW. Time to regroup, get our minds in order, and get ourselves out of reach of temptation. One and major reason for waiting was the fact that we had only six pieces of furniture and appliances. We had reached the point where we were almost debt free, within two months for sure. But we needed a houseful of furniture and Frig and Stove. We don't know for sure but we have always believed that Monte was a friendly angel because we were able to purchase what we needed at Self Service Furniture and Sears Appliances with the stipulation that the oncoming debt would not show up for the two months needed to approve our mortgage loan. Also, we were allowed to move in prior to approval, this saving the current rental payments. We were still way in over our heads but our heads had been turned by a fine friend named Monte. To disappoint Monte would have been equal to disappoint our families. We did not disappoint either of them. We are still here at ____N. Adams. We have joyously fought the battle of green grass, fences, Linwood Community Association, Spokane School District, Waste Management and found ourselves on the winning side of most confrontations. We point with pride to the fact that the city has not chosen to annex that "bund of ingrates" on the north side. We've lost most of our neighbors, only four remain, but those who replaced them have been "good neighbors" and we are lucky to have well-kept homes. Do you suppose they all have felt the ongoing wish to be true to the faith of Monte Kestell? If Monte is still alive, please give him a hug for me. If not, let his your generation know how much they have to live up to. Thank you!" (This letter was written about Monte Kestell, Jack's father.)"

            - Marilyn Walters

"Don and Ronda Church As a repeat client, I am totally comfortable with both Don and Ronda Church. I have learned in over 40 years of real estate investing, that integrity is the most important, and foundational character trait needed in a sales professional. Don and Ronda have unquestioned integrity. I would trust them with my own checkbook. I appreciate their knowledge of the local real estate market, as well as their customer service. I challenge anyone to call Don and Ronda. The first thing you will notice is that you will either reach them personally, or you will get a prompt call back. You will then notice that they will listen to you and then begin working for you with your interests put first. I highly recommend the team of Don and Ronda Church, I know you will be pleased with the experience. "

            - Bruce Bruscia

"Tom Clark, or SpokaneTom, as I like to think of him, helped me buy a home this fall. I had thought I would not want the services of a buyer's agent because in the past, I have not found buyer's agents to be helpful. I met Tom when I asked to visit one of his listings, and I was so impressed by him after talking with him about his listing and about the real estate market in Spokane, that I knew he would be a big help to me. First of all, he knows everyone here in town who works in the real estate buy and sell process. He knows how things are done and who does them. And he knows the individual qualities of the residential areas and how they have changed over the several decades he has worked here. Second, he always had my needs and my requirements in mind, and he only suggested homes that stayed within my requirements and budget--he did not substitute his idea of a dream home, for my idea of a dream home. And he listened. So he could point out both the flaws and the good points that would matter to me, when we visited a home for sale. Third, he is lightning fast on communications. He really does get back to you immediately, and he really does find out the answer if he doesn't already know it. I felt I could trust not only Tom's professional judgment, but also I trusted him to want the best outcome for me and to keep me in mind while he worked hard to achieve it. I have only praise for Tom's services in helping me buy my home. And I recommend him with the certainty that you will be pleased with his work."

            - Katie Vestal

"I have known Andy Kerr for many years, he helped me buy my house and sell it, plus he sold my mother’s house for me. Andy is the only realtor that I would call or recommend to someone else. I find Andy to be a very considerate and caring man. When he says he is going to do something, you can count on it being done quickly. Andy was very good at keeping me informed on what was going on and the why of it all. He not only relieves the stress out of buying and selling real estate, but actually makes it an enjoyable experience."

            - Jackie Whitemarsh

"Jay Carson has been our agent through a long grueling process (for him), as we have been searching 3 years for the perfect property with our extremely specific requirements. Jay has toured countless homes with us, with patience and a smile. He was always committed to "it will happen". Sure enough, our dream home is now right in front of us, and also slipping right through our fingers at the same time. Jay convinced us he wouldn't let this one get away, and he was right. Not to mention, he bent over backwards to eliminate the frightening possibility of a double mortgage. He managed to sell our home simultaneously without a flaw. Every document has been checked and explained, the I's dotted and T's crossed, without a hiccup to our life's daily demands and family's needs. Thank you Jay. We couldn't have trusted our future with anyone other than you."

            - The Overly's

"John White: “As first time homebuyers, John explained and taught us about the entire process, every step of the way. We ran into several obstacles, however, he took the time to work each issue and didn’t give up on us. Even while on vacation, he continued to work on our transaction, keeping us up-to-date on a daily basis. John definitely over-exceeded any expectations we had. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a real estate agent and will look forward to working with him again.”"

            - Dana & Tara Schield

"Tom is a remarkably resourceful realtor, I've sent many of my Co-Workers/Friends to him. He has the ability to understand the type of home you're looking for and is not interested in showing you property that isn’t within your parameters. Marti and I are both very fond of Tom and hold him in the highest regards."

            - Jeff-Marti Malherek, Spokane Valley

"Jack, I really wanted to thank you for the service we received from you through this process of purchasing a home. I wasn't sure how to say "thanks", so I thought I would give you something you haven't gotten before (not another hug). I was awareded the Army Commendation Medal in August 1997 for "exceptional meritorious service..." on my last assignment. The award is federal recognition for going above and beyond. I have been honored with this award twice in my fourteen year career. I would like to pass this Commendation Medal over to you for the service we received from you. You made the stress of moving a family and finding a place to call home minimal. I didn't worry about a lot of details because I was assured you were on it. Please accept this as "THANKS" from myself and my family."

            - Todd Watson

"Ronda Church We were relocating from St. Louis to Spokane and knew absolutely nothing about Spokane. We were so fortunate to have found Ronda, because she went above and beyond being just an agent for us. She showed us around, told us of where to go shopping for certain things, good restaurants, schools, etc. Ronda was extremely personable and very thoughtful and found us the absolute perfect house in an area that we LOVE. It was just a perfect fit. The thought of moving to a place we knew nothing about was very overwhelming for us, but under Ronda’s great are, it went so smoothly that once we got here we felt like we knew the area and had been here for a while! I would HIGHLY recommend Ronda as she works extremely hard for you and is thoughtful in what she shows you. We have moved a lot and she is the best agent we have had, without a doubt! "

            - Doug and Carol Miller

"Elizabeth made my first time home buying experience a breeze. She was always available for questions, showed me as many houses as it took to find the perfect one, and negotiated my deal like a pro, both parties were very happy. Cannot recommend her enough!"

            - Kristin Davis

"My wife and I have been looking for almost 2 years. We started out with Tom but couldn't find anything that we really fell in love with. So we decided to rent for one more year. We started looking again this year. When we had questions Tom always got back to me within the hour. Tom gave his opinion and helped us make a good decision. He lived up to all that we expected as a realtor and more. He would make things as easy as possible. Stay on top of things. Tom was there during all stages of finding a place to getting a home. My wife and I felt like more than just a client, we felt like a friend. Tom was so kind as to even stop by after closing to see how we were doing. If you want a realtor that will work for you as a friend and find you the best place for you and your family Tom is the one. Thank you, Tom. "

            - Tim Martin

"Jay Carson represented the interests of my wife and me when we purchased our first house. From before the first house we looked at, to the day we got our keys to the house we bought, Jay was right there by our sides making sure everything went perfectly. Jay seemed to have an instinct for exactly what we wanted, and what we needed, and seemed to know if we would like a house or not before we even did. He helped us with the mortgage process, inspection, closing - every single aspect of the home buying experience. Buying your first house can be an overwhelming ordeal, but with Jay, we always knew exactly what was going on and met each step with absolute confidence. I cannot recommend Jay's services more strongly. We will continue to use him for the rest of our lives."

            - Alan Green

"Tom Clark is an outstanding realtor and has stuck by our side since the beginning of our house hunting venture, which started almost three years ago. He always sent the latest listings that applied to what we were looking for in a house even as that changed along the way. Tom was always willing to make himself available to show a house, even at fairly short notice. Tom was honest with his opinion, which is driven by experience in real estate, as to what he thought about the houses that we looked at. This honesty along with his dedication, hard work, and willingness to go the extra mile is what helped weed out the houses that weren’t right for us. Because of Tom’s willingness to work when everyone else was on holiday vacation, he found our dream house and was able to put together an offer before anyone else even saw the house. After finding our new house, it was time to sell our current house. When it came to getting our house ready for sale, Tom let us know what was and wasn’t necessary to make it market worthy for the price range we were going to list it in. This direction helped us focus on getting the right things done. We have enjoyed our experience with Tom and find him to be a very personable guy and a joy to work with and be around. Enjoying our new house!"

            - Matt, Katie, and Silas Swanson

"“John is very helpful and encouraging – never “pushy” which I had concerns about with other agents. John is very professional in both appearance and attitude. I very much appreciate his willingness to accommodate my schedule and explaining the ins and outs of each step prior to taking them. John is always available to me and quickly returned calls.”"

            - Martha Turner

"Ronda & Don Church Ronda is honest, reliable and personable. She genuinely cares for her clients and actually becomes their friends, once you have spent any time with her. Ronda and her husband Don are very likeable and easy to work with. You never feel like you are taking their valuable time when you are their client. I would recommend working with either or both of them for selling or buying. We have worked with them for both and been very impressed with their professionalism and character. "

            - Rene Jucht

"Tor worked with us, working around the fact that my wife and I were living in two different states while trying to purchase a house in Spokane. We highly recommend him to any military family looking to buy a home in the Spokane area."

            - Capt. Jacob Johnson, Pilot USAF

"Ronda Church We placed an outbound referral with you in June. That client called to give me feedback on your service and had nothing but the best to say. …very pleased with your work and genuine concern for her situation. ….helped her get the home ready to list with staging and the like. I want to send a thank you from Tammy – The Lakes Sotheby’s Realty Relocation Director, Karen London the Referring Agent and myself. You have been a great asset for this referral and we thank you very much for all of the effort you put into helping our mutual client. ….We deeply appreciate your work and will definitely remember you name for future business… "

            - Littia Swift - Lakes Sotheby's International Realty

"Jack: I really wanted to thank you for the service we received from you through this process of purchasing a home... I was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for "exceptionally meritorious service..." on my last assignment. This award is federal recognition for going above and beyond. I have been honored with this award twice in my fourteen year career. I would like to pass this Commendation Medal over to you for the service we received from you... Please accept this as "THANKS" from myself and my family."

            - Todd Watson

"Earlier this year, as out of state residents searching for a new home in Spokane, we were very fortunate to have met and worked with Andy Kerr as our realtor. In addition to keeping us abreast of the market with electronic updates, he was also ready and immediately available to work with us even though, when we could finally break free to visit it fell on a weekend. Apart from his obvious knowledge of the area in which we were most interested, his outgoing personality and wry sense of humor made working with him a real pleasure. Throughout our search we found him to be quite perceptive and quick to tailor his showing to our preferences, without any sense of him having an agenda or a particular property to sell. He was straightforward and honest in his personal assessment of each property, both in terms of condition and suitability to our needs. During the excruciatingly annoying and drawn out closing process Andy kept in close contact and did what he could to hasten the process along. Even after the sale, in the intervening months before we could relocate, Andy went out of his way to regularly check on the house, pick up mail, arrange for yard maintenance, and many other kindnesses besides. Overall he was a great person to work with, his years of experience make him extremely knowledgeable and capable, he is quite generous in spirit and we are very pleased to say that he has become someone we consider to be a real friend, in our new community. Sincerely, (really)"

            - Grant Spearman and Star Patterson

""Tom negotiated my first home purchase so well in 2004, I wanted Tom on my team again when we purchased in 2012. Tom's patience is incredible!!!! We looked at many houses and changed our wants throughout the process. Tom was a psychiatrist of sorts for us and we couldn't have found our incredible home without him. If you are looking for an experienced realtor that really cares about YOU and not just selling a home . . . choose TOM CLARK!!! "

            - Chris & Chantel Bertholf

"Ronda Church Ronda has been/is a super realtor for us. From being flexible in home showings, to signage locations discussing, to presenting our home on the internet. We will use Ronda in the future for any home buying or selling needs we have. "

            - Ken & Christy Belisle

"John’s availability was helpful given my busy schedule. His willingness to meet with me at both my home and office were appreciated. John has good communication skills and kept me informed of the process for the sale of my home."

            - Andrea Lloyd

"“Very prompt in following-up on questions or requests and was still assisting us after the new home was closed. John is not “pushy” and made sure that we considered and gave thought to all issues that came up, or could come up down the road. He was always willing to make himself available for us.”"

            - Jon Floyd, Attorney

"I wanted to take a minute and relay my personal experience in the most recent home purchase with realtor Tom Clark. We have had two prior experiences with realtors in the past neither of them left a good taste in our mouth when it came to realtors, we just got used to the fact of that’s how they were. We stumbled across Tom on a short trip to Spokane, just casually looking for what was available in the area with no real intentions of buying right away. We generated a list of houses we wanted to look at over a day or two, and the next day he had appointments set at all but one of them (homeowners accidentally took keys with them). He was very patient walking thru all the houses with our kids in tow, he wasn’t trying to sell us a house, and he was trying to help us find a home. He pointed out subtle details that we missed, gave us insight about utility companies and their “not so good” work history, and what it would take to turn the houses we were looking at into a home. We can’t say enough about Tom’s experience, his demeanor, his work ethic, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have “stumbled” across him as a realtor."

            - Cole and Tia Pieratt

"Working with Tom to purchase a house has been great. The type of house we were looking for evolved a lot during the process, but Tom was very patient and never pushed us to make a decision. He was very flexible and willing to do whatever it took to find us the right home. This is our first house buying experience, so Tom's patience, great communication, and upbeat attitude helped a lot during the ups and downs of house hunting. We will definitely work with him for future needs and refer all our friends. "

            - Chris and Nikia

"“The things I found most helpful with John White were his knowledge and “people skills” such as explaining the process, patience, courtesy, and promptness. John made me feel comfortable with what I was doing each step of the way. He was extremely thorough and able to keep a very skittish person at ease. I would work with John again in a heart beat!” "

            - Cheryl McPhee

"Tor: Thank you for taking such good care of us! We greatly appreciate your time, patience, and expertise in the successful sale of our home. We think your Tor-iffic!!"

            - Boomer & Jodie Hatcher

"Dave: When my husband and I decide to go with a realtor to sell/purchase homes, we are looking for a person that will professionally market our home and assist with the transaction of purchasing a new home. Dave has not only met our expectations, but also far surpassed them! During the sale of our last two homes, Dave was not only our realtor, but also a true friend.... Dave was always good about contacting us when something came up on the house... not once did he sound disgusted when we would call, but he would reassure us things would work out. You know what, he was right - both times! ....He certainly has earned an award for the most outstanding realtor!"

            - Jason & Lorri Smith

" Don and Ronda, We just can’t thank you both enough, for all you did for us to make this happen! You guys are not just the Best Realtors we could have asked for, but 2 of the Best People we’ve known. I hope we can keep in touch and you’ll stop in when you’re down here. Thanks again and take care! "

            - The Breithaupt's

"Elizabeth, Thank-you for all your help. We are slowly getting settled in and enjoying being home owner's again! You did a fantastic job for us and we will definitely recommend you to anyone we encounter who is in need of real-estate services. You are a real asset to your company and to your broker!! Wishing you the best of everything,"

            - Greg And Gale Lilly

"“John’s availability and knowledge of the neighborhood are the top two reasons we will return to John.""

            - Steve & Megan Larsen

"“John is efficient, helpful, dedicated and extremely caring. I will return to John when the time comes!""

            - Robert Schwartz, MD

"Tor: You give a new meaning to the one day sale! Thanks for the awesome job you did! "

            - Mark Anderson

"Jack, We just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for all you did to help us sell our home and buy our new one. I know there was a lot of activity involved with this transaction but for us it couldn't have gone any smoother. All the pieces lined up just right."

            - Mike and Tammy Bourcy

"Dave: Dave Holmes is "the Most Awesome Realtor". Just two months after meeting, we closed on our new home. Dave went the extra mile and literally made it happen. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all his hard effort and encouragement.. "

            - Brad & Cory

"Dear Elizabeth, Please enjoy this gift of appreciation…knowing you have indeed, been the best realtor a gal could ever have! You found this sound, wonderfully located house that I could remodel into my “dream” home, a happy & peaceful place I can inhabit & share for the rest of my days here. Without your hard work, expertise, ongoing support, & wonderful ethics, this could never have happened so seamlessly and beautifully for me. I cannot begin to thank you enough! "

            - Sue Ambort