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Dave Holmes

- Residential Property (Resale & New Construction)
- Commercial Property (Sales & Leasing)

- Development of land parcels for residential

After 27 years of experience in sales and customer service in a Spokane retail business, I made the transition to Real Estate Sales in 1996. Working with all types of clients in various situations has provided the ability and experience necessary to serve my real estate clients well which is indicated by the multiple Awards that I have earned for sales performance every year.

- 1997 - 2001 -Silver and Gold Awards (Net Combined Sales of over 10 Million Dollars)
- 2002- Gold (Net Sales in excess of 2 Million dollars)
- 2003- Platinum (Net Sales in excess of 3 Million dollars)
- 2004- 2005 - Platinum (Net Sales in excess of 3 Million dollars each year)
- 2006 - Diamond (Net Sales in excess of 4 Million dollars)
- 2007 - Diamond (Net Sales in excess of 4 Million dollars)
- 2008 - Gold Award (Even in a declining market)

The success I have achieved for my clients has been due to my desire to provide quality service and communication in all facets of each transaction either as a buyer or seller representative.

Since I was born and raised in Western Montana and my family has lived and worked in Spokane for over 30 years, I have a great love and understanding of the Inland Northwest.

My hobbies are golf, fishing, boating, and the grand kids.

All our children are grown which leaves my schedule more flexible to respond to your needs.

Please give me a call !!

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